Who we are

We are Freelearners

We are born curious and open to learning.  Learning is a part of who we are.  We do it everywhere, all the time, and with everyone we meet.  We are born free learners.

Freelearners are those who choose to continue crafting their own educations, members of an inspiring community that emphasizes meaningful learning, personal excellence, and community connection.  It’s an identity anyone can wear, a title that implies the bearer knows more than how to make a living – they know how to make a life.

Freelearners are a diverse group.  No two families are alike.  Freelearners may unschool, home-educated, flexi school or afterschool.  Freelearners may be in the process of getting frustrated with school or debating whether any of their alternative school options appeal to their educational values.

Our mission

Our Mission

Crafting an inspirational environment that supports all self-directed learners in their pursuit of exceptional education.

Our vision

Our Vision

Freelearners Co-Operative Learning Resource Centre will be a trailblazing service for the growing market of self-directed learners in Oxford and the surrounding counties. By 2021, we will provide:

Inspirational community space:

  • that caters to learners of all ages
  • is safe and secure for even the most vulnerable of learners
  • has specialised studios ( preschool room, science lab, art studio, library, etc) to support learners in achieving educational excellence
  • is appropriate for every activity from socialisation to independent study to peer collaboration or structured group learning

Support at every stage of the learning journey:

  • including mentoring from experienced parent-guides to new self-directed learners and their families
  • guidance for teens as they transition from independent study to further education or employment

Inclusive community:

  • that maintains financial accessibility to the broad spectrum of self-directed learners by keeping low overhead costs
  • is not-for-profit
  • co-operatively owned and managed
  • volunteer run

Our goals

Our Goals
Provide exemplary environment and resources necessary for self-directed learners to achieve educational excellence, whilst maintaining the safety, security and encouragement of a home setting

Support parents in their roles as learning guides through development opportunities,  and support services.

Provide regular, reliable, supported opportunities for self-directed learners to collaborate on projects of value to themselves, the community and society.

Unite the self-directed learning community through co-operative management of the centre, volunteer opportunities within the co-operative, and regular social networking events.

Serve the broad spectrum of self-directed learners through clear and regular communication and by recording data on the community’s needs, educational philosophies and demographics in order to maintain relevant and excellent service, qualify for funding and liaise with authorities on the community’s behalf.

Promote self-directed learning as a valid and viable educational philosophy with positive outcomes.

Exemplify operational efficiency, professional standards and high quality service through development and training for management and volunteers.

Provide consultation for new learning resource centres.

Meet the Board

Meet the Board

Freelearners currently has four Directors on the Board.  We are the founding members of Freelearners, committed to bringing the self-directed learning community in Oxfordshire a resource and support organisation to help shoulder the burdens, join in celebrating the successes and generally raise the profile of self-directed learning.

Katie PS (President), is a mother of two self-directed learners, ages 8 and 5.  You may have met her at one of her Young Engineers or Bricolage@Brightwell sessions.

Kate M (Secretary).  I am a mother of two self-directed learners, ages 8 and 5.  I currently organise the Daisy Bulletin, a home-ed e-magazine, and Bricolage@Brightwell, a collage-style learning session.

Outi B (Research and Development), is a mother of two self-directed learners, ages 7 and 3.  You may have met her at Sports or Young Engineers.

Kya I (Community Engagement), is a mother of two self-directed learners, ages 7 and 3.  You may have met her at SOAP or one of her Philosophy sessions.