Parents with a passion for resource sharing

Freelearners Community Interest Company was founded by four parents with a passion for resource sharing. To support the community of self-directed learners in Oxfordshire as we strive for educational excellence, we’ve created a Resource Library bursting with Resource Boxes curated by experienced community members. Each box contains six week’s worth of hands-on activities, art and building materials, equipment and books on a specific topic. Each box is suitable for a range of ages, better enabling family learning whilst maintaining an education that is tailored to each learner’s ability and aptitude. The community has already generously donated or loaned hundreds of materials. Freelearners CIC has also bought resources to further improve boxes using income from the library service, fundraising events and grants. The fee for the library service is affordable for single-income families. Freelearners CIC also offers concessions for families on benefits.

The Freelearners Forum is a free service we provide for the community. The Forum offers space for families to share their best online resources – websites, videos, podcasts, online games – for each Resource Box topic, share their experiences of the Boxes, and ask for or offer help with Boxes to ensure families can make the most of their Resource Box learning. It’s also a safe online environment for the community to come together to organise local events, open discussions with local self-directed learning families, and swap information about tutors, classes, workshops, and more.

Freelearners CIC strives to better understand the needs of self-directed learners and the ways in which we can serve this community. Some of the ways we believe we could be of service in future include providing a dedicated community space for hosting educational events as well as the Resource Library for the ease of our users, a mentoring system, a facility for swapping skills and sharing labour across the community, access to careers guidance and examinations for teens, and practical support for parents who juggle work and family learning.