The Freelearners Forum strikes a balance between user privacy and effective information sharing:

  1. Tiered access – New Users may access a limited number of boards to find out about events organised by/for self-directed learners. Once they have connected with the community in person and have been verified by an existing Freelearners Forum User they will be given full access and can in turn verify New Users.
  2. Subgroups – Freelearners Forum Users can contact the Forum Administrator at any time and request a subgroup of their very own – whether for a particular area like South Oxon or Banbury, or a particular subject such as sports or art, or an interest group that is forming around a specific topic (e.g. climate change or artificial intelligence). Freelearners Forum Users are welcome and encouraged to become Administrators of their subgroup(s).
  3. Service providers – Tutors, coaches and relevant businesses may post information about their services and contact information for the community to see without being able to view Forum User boards or learn anything about Forum Users.

The Freelearners Forum connects with the Freelearners Resource Library:

  1. Dedicated Resource Library Boards– Each Resource Box has its own Forum Board. The Board description is written by the library staff, giving information about the items in the box and directing users to online resources on the Box topic..
  2. Growth through use – Users of the Resource Boxes are encouraged to post about their experiences of using the Box, questions to Freelearners library staff and other Users, ideas for additional items to be included in the box, ideas for activities and further links to online resources.

Future plans for the Forum:

We are currently working on an online booking system for the forum – you post the event, number of tickets available and price per ticket and the forum will take care of the rest!


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