Freelearners is here for you

Welcome to all who have recently found themselves ‘homeschooling’ for the first time due to the COVID pandemic.

Freelearners strives to support all self-directed learners in Oxfordshire: in other words, families educating their children outside of mainstream education. For these unusual weeks or months, this includes you.

What you are experiencing now is not the everyday of home education. Even seasoned home educators are struggling at the moment. Home learning is normally interspersed with workshops, field trips, and families meeting to learn together and socialise. Now all that has moved online and, as many of you will have started to appreciate, this does not readily agree with the psychology of children. 


Learning Resources

To offer children greater alternatives to screen-based learning, from April 20, 2020 we are offering our Resource Boxes for hire on a special ‘COVID Subsciption’.  This subscription allows for an extended hire period of up to two months and is only available for a limited time.  Boxes will be due back to us one week after schools reopen, or at the end of the summer term, whichever is sooner.

Our boxes are full of hands-on activities and books on specific topics.  They are designed for an in-depth, whole-family exploration of a topic. If all adults in your family are working and/or the children are young, we have specially created smaller kits of games with relevant book(s).

Each Resource Box also has a dedicated section on our Forum, which is free to access and contains more hands-on ideas for further study of each topic, as well as links to online resources.  The Forum also has a dedicated space for COVID Homeschoolers to share ideas and resources, ask people with experience of teaching their own children for advice, or just offer and receive support from one another in this trying time. Please include your reasons for joining the forum or your registration may not be approved.  This also helps us set your permissions to areas of the forum most relevant to you.


COVID Safety Procedure

To help keep everyone safe, we deliver boxes, free of charge, to the following post codes for this term only:
OX1-5, OX9-14, OX18, OX20, OX25-26, OX28-29, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49

If you would like a box but do not live in these areas, please Contact Us and we’ll try to help you.

Our Resource Boxes are large plastic containers. They will be quarantined and disinfected prior to delivery.  A volunteer wearing gloves will deliver your reserved box(es) to your doorstep.

After the loan period finishes, we will arrange for convenient points for returning hired materials to us.  All materials will be quarantined and disinfected before being returned to circulation.


Good luck, stay safe and let us know if we can help.