This blog is about setting up a small solar power source for an outdoor learning area we are developing at Hogacre Common Eco Park. The project is supported by Westmill Solar, our local solar farm – thank you! Check them out at .

Our aim is to have enough stored energy to occasionally power some lights inside Steve Shelter (our teen-built pallet clubhouse/indoor-outdoor learning hut) and some outdoor lighting around Napoleon the Cob Pizza Oven. We are also hoping to be able to charge the occasional phone, laptop or Bluetooth speaker and maybe, just maybe use a blender to mix those delicious pizza sauces and smoothies. We hope that this blog is going to be usefulfor anyone thinking of powering their allotment, garden, sports field changing room, garage, or stables in their horse’s paddock… You get the picture: anywhere remote where there’s no mains power but a need for a bit of electricity. We also predict that this blog will be entertaining: mishaps that bring tears at the time and laughter later seem to be our thing. Let’s see. Hopefully you’ll learn from our mistakes so you don’t need to make so many of your own.