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The Community Resource Library from Freelearners specialises in Resource Boxes like the Space Box shown here. The subjects of our boxes range from the basics like Maths and English to specific periods of History and the various branches of Science. Each Resource Box includes books, manipulables, art and building activities with many materials included, worksheets and equipment or tools where appropriate. Some of the boxes are age-specific, but many contain resources appropriate for children from ages 5 to 14 , so you can cover the topic with your entire family whilst tailoring the learning experience for each individual child.


Now online!

To see the full range of Resource Boxes currently available for lending, please visit the visit the Freelearners Community Resource Library site.  Subscribing to the library costs just £1.00.  Boxes are currerntly available for monthly hire at low introductory rates!

Freelearners CIC online library catalog


Watch this space

As a Community Interest Company, Freelearners is able to raise funds for resources for the benefit of all home educators. Some of the items we’ll be raising funds for include:

  • whole series of :
    • Jolly Phonics
    • Early Readers
    • First Facts books
    • Horrible Histories
  • science equipment and models:
    • microscopes and slides
    • anatomy and skeleton models
    • chemistry sets
  • art & design equipment:
    • 3D printers
    • light tables
  • engineering & mechanics equipment:
    • Raspberry Pi’s
    • mechanics labs
    • electronic circuit sets

We’ve collected around 1,000 items that have been generously loaned or donated to the Resource Library and we continue to welcome loans and donations. And anyone is welcome to have a go at creating a Resource Box for loan themselves. If we use what you donate or create, we will happily issue you with Freelearners Resource Library vouchers.


Talk to us

We love to hear from you! All current and future improvements to Freelearners’ Community Resource Library are inspired by your feedback. We take every comment, kudos, criticism and suggestion seriously, so do let us know what you think via Facebook, Forum or Email.