Spring Family Celebration



Join us for the second of this school year’s seasonal family celebrations.  We will welcome back the lengthening daylight with seed planting, create some upcycled festive bunting, and finish the session with  a hit of colour.  That’s right, we will be hosting our own mini festival of colour with all-natural, non-toxic pigment powder to ring in the new season!  There will also be a spring sensory walk avilable on the wider grounds.

Lemonade will be available for a small charge and spring buns with savoury vegetarian fillings are available for pre-order.  Buns will be made to order on the day.  Please message us if you have special dietary requirements.

Where: Hogacre Common Eco Park
When: April 8, 2024 10:30-13:30
Cost: £12 family entry; £3 per bun, please pre-order

Be sure to check back in for our Summer family celebration!  Our celebrations offer families a seasonal drink and food item warmed on an open fire or in our new cob oven.  There will be two crafts on offer – one craft to keep, one craft to gift.  If families need to work up an appetite or take a bit of time away from the crowd, we will have an interesting self-guided walking trail on a beautiful site.

Spring Family Celebration