Task Master

Week 9 / Term 2 / Year 4 – on a lovely spring day, our task master returned and boy was he on form!!!

We had fun with a ball. We had fun making up rules for passing a ball, eg. who to pass to, catch from, which hand to use, etc. When we added mental challenges to go with the physical ones, well, that was a challenge!! We had a few laughs and a bit of a mental work out with that one.

It was a bit different today as some of the teens studying their GCSE’s came along and used the study space at the top of the building to work on mock exams. So we worked outside a lot so we didn’t disturb them. It was really nice to be outside in the warm air and feel like spring is almost here. We had a switch up from our current projects. Our news reporters decided to break out the power tools and the saw and continue working on our shed, Steve. The others, who have been toy making instead put on their problem solving hats to try and figure out how to make a go-kart from bits and pieces they could scavenge.

Later on, our resident task master broke out his tie and jacket and put our peers through their paces with some new challenges that had them running around, scratching their heads, laughing and shouting in frustration as they tried to be the first/best/most original/most crazy. (It should be noted our task master is another peer who organises this activity themselves, brilliantly!!)

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Task Master

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