Trust and Communication

Following on from last week, we practised physical communication without words and verbal communication without actions this week for a fun trust exercise. There were a variety of skill levels! Amazing how much you can rely on one mode of communication to back up another. Amazing how trusting our peers are of each other when blindfolded!

Stewardship of our work/play site is an important part of being a Peer. Over the summer nature had grown like mad. Not surprising, it was a wet one. We are fully equipped with pruning saws, secateurs, loppers, rakes and shears. Our peers are very sensible, know how to risk access and use the tools safely. Here are the before and after photos of the areas we tackled.

We made some firm decisions about our on going projects, which we start in earnest next week. So after all the hard work everyone had some relaxing time, before our disco!! We had originally agreed that anyone feeling a bit shy about the disco didn’t have to participate (they all did) or they could wear a blindfold. The blindfolds soon came off and everyone had a great time!!

Week 2 / Term 1 / Year 4

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