Week 3 / Term 3 / Year 4

A bit light on photos to share this week. It’s hard to be in the moment with our great peers and to step back and document what we are doing. So there we are, as with any part of self directed learning (home education) not everything is always in perfect symbiosis!

This week, we had a blind fold challenge, who could collect the most balls (spread over a wide area) but they could only move when given permission and when they were still, their feet had to remain fixed to the spot. Great fun!

Brilliant stewardship this week. We are hosting a solar electricity workshop next week, a small scale version of our large solar project on our shed Steve. So we had a good clear around our shed so that it would look smarter and be more accessible to our visitors so they can see what we are going to be doing. Everyone pulled together and worked really hard.

We made further progress on our projects. We are going to have a nerf range which is one of our current projects. Rather than buying a lot of materials to build with, the peers have been foraging through scrap to see if they can re-purpose materials. A few of their finds below.

Our afternoon activity this week was WILTY (Would I lie To You) which was a big hit last term and was requested again. Some really good improvising and excellent storytelling.

Next week is bank holiday when we will be running our solar electricity workshop. Hope to see you there!


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