What we learn

Peers’ Projects aims to provide learners with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills over a period of time, with the support of mentors and the camaraderie of their peers.  We do not teach a curriculum and place no expectations on your child’s learning.  Instead, Peers’ learning is deep and layered from across the curriculum with every project.  Soft skills such as research, budgeting, time-management, prioritising, communication, collaboration and persistence are constantly reinforced, preparing your child for their next educational adventure into GCSE study.

A typical day at Peers’ Projects

Our day consists of three parts:

Community-centred projects

Our community projects focus on real-world problems and solutions, e.g. facilities for feeding a community – growing, cooking, and composting solutions.  This brief portion of our morning is an opportunity for mentors to model the skills we will walk Peers through as they tackle their own projects.

Personally meaningful projects

Learner-centred and learner-led, these projects make up most of our morning.  Because the Peers choose projects that are meaningful to them, the learning is naturally engaging and rewarding.  Mentors support and motivate Peers as needed, as well as take loads of notes and pictures.

Sharing projects               

Our afternoon activities are both the end and the beginning of the learning cycle.  Peers take turns to share skills and knowledge with the group.  As group leader, Peers complete the cycle of learning by teaching others what they know.  As group members, Peers are repeatedly exposed to the interests, knowledge and skills of their peers, providing inspiration for future projects or areas of study.

Projects Peers have undertaken

  • Pallet shelter
  • Scale model cob oven
  • Geocache
  • Fruit and veg garden
  • Cart
  • Raft
  • Water feature with solar fountain
  • Community flag
  • Outdoor Merz art installation
  • Microbit security system
  • Repair business
  • Parkour course
  • Sewing projects – doll’s blanket and toothfairy pillow
  • Community newsletter
  • Tuck shop
  • Memory board
  • Hedghog house
  • Skit show on film

Sharing projects and field trips Peers have enjoyed

  • Rocks and minerals
  • Pony care and riding
  • Art and nature journaling
  • Bottle rocket
  • Cooking with nettle
  • Baking
  • Creating with resin
  • Highland games
  • Fantasy role-playing game
  • Story-telling
  • Tie-dyed t-shirts
  • Anime drawing lesson
  • Electromagnets
  • Haybale fort building
  • Making mandalas
  • String art
  • Skrimshaw
  • Sand art
  • Magician’s visit
  • Splash park play
  • Farm trip
  • Rock climbing
  • Donkey sanctuary visit
  • Sailing
  • Annual camp with various activities planned by Peers


Mentors will risk assess all activities. 
Mentors are Enhanced DBS checked and insured.
At least one paediatric first aider is in attendance at all times.

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