Around the World (Almost) in 48 minutes

Week 3 / Term 2 / Year 4

Amazing brain power on show this week. We had some riddles first thing with lightning sharp answering, some us were just processing the riddle whilst peers had already guessed, correctly! Then we played the coin game – basically everyone has to steal each others coins and the winner has the most at the end of the game – with some very impressive strategic thinking and some frankly devious tactics! Do we have some potential Bond villains in the making?!!

We are making excellent progress with our green roof during the stewardship portion of the day. Whilst the group rotates through tasks through stewardship time, not everyone gets a “glamorous, ladder-climbing, power tool wielding” job. Some have the more dull task of clearing pathways and making sure there are no trip hazards or other risks to life and limb. However, our peers understand how important this task is and always do a thorough job.

Our Hogwash Times team were busy with the current issue this week, whilst our new cookbook made delicious progress with the addition of some yummy, fluffy pancakes.

After lunch we had a peer-to-peer treat, as we were taken on a journey around (some of) the globe in crafts. Thoroughly enjoyed by all we learnt a bit of geography, history and did some craft making we hadn’t done before and and saw things in a new way. Excellent and fun!

Around the World (Almost) in 48 minutes

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