Finally Painting Steve!

Week 7 / Term 3 / Year 4

It has been a while since we published a blog post. That isn’t because we’ve had nothing to say. We’ve done plenty, we just haven’t been very rigorous about taking photos of all the lovely activities we’ve been doing. We like to show lots of pictures! Since our last update we have been tidying up the wild looking willow dens that are on the Hogacre Common site. We don’t really have much of a clue what we are doing and last year we had a go at weaving them. this year, we missed the right time to do it so we decided to give them a tidy and aim for getting them woven next year. Like everything else this is a work in progress.

We have finally got to the stage where we can start painting our shed, Steve. The peers have worked really hard on this and it is soon to be crowned with a solar system for some of our electrical needs on the Hogacre court (You can click here to read more on our Solar Project Blog) We have gone for green as a base colour. We’re lucky to find some time when it hasn’t been raining to make a start on this!

This is an exciting step because for weeks we have been hammering and drilling and sawing and finally to get some paint on feels like we are slowly getting there. Also, once we have our green base coat on the art can begin! (Not that it isn’t already a work of art!!)

We’ve had some great afternoon activities in the past few weeks:

Adults vs kids treasure hunt

Ready,Steady, Cook

Predator in the woods

This week we made fortune tellers. Anyone else remember making them as a kid?

We have more to look forward in the coming weeks including our summer camp out, so stay tuned….

Finally Painting Steve!

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