Getting the Job Done!

Week 8/Term 1/Year 4

I don’t know what the peers are like at home, but they can really pull together to keep jobs going and to finish small tasks. Despite the weather getting cooler and so wet, we are slowly, slowly, slowly making progress on our massive tennis court project. We hope that in years to come, our peers will be able to come back and remember the work they did that helped shape the space that it will become.

After a strenuous time moving wood and digging for metal, everyone washed up and began projects. This week the kitchen was really busy. The recipes are formulated and made by our cooking project team. They are developing starters, main courses and desserts agreed upon by committee. They are then typing them up for our Peers Projects Cookbook (title to be revealed in the near future!!) The starter this week was a type of tapas made of things that everyone in the group likes. Deliciosas!

This week the peers made their suggestions for the afternoon activities they would like to lead / take part in. These are voted upon and then are timetabled according to popularity and any scheduling considerations. This was followed by some Lego fun. We don’t get the Lego out very often so it is always fun when we dust it off and have a mass build.

This week saw the overrun of gas work which meant the A34 wass closed longer than intended with massive traffic disruption. We always hang out on the playing field along Whitehouse Road at the end of our Peers’ Projects day, so a few got to stayfor a really long time!!! This is never a loss!

SO ended another week. Looking forward to Monday : )

Getting the Job Done!

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