Number of Peers in attendance:


Community-centred projects: 6

Watering newly planted trees in the orchard
Befriending and feeding the wildlife (okay mostly Hope the robin)
Clearing ground for the Peers’ Projects shed
Creating a sign for the Peers’ Projects storeroom
Building the Peers’ Projects wheelbarrow
Clearing and replanting last years beds with new flowers, fruits and vegetables

Personally Meaningful Projects attempted/ completed/ ongoing:
21 altogether, 14 completed, 4 ongoing

Mouse adventure playground/ maze – completed
Mouse mansion – attempted
Hand-sewn mice – completed
Baby mobile – completed
Fairy doors – completed
Birdseed ornaments for Hope the robin (and other birds) – completed
Baking – completed
Soft toy sewing – attempted
Graphic novel – attempted
Primitive cooking – completed
Lawnmower repair – completed
Clubhouse model – completed
Pallet canvas and merz art piece – completed
Plastics recycling – ongoing
Video editing – ongoing
Security system coding – ongoing
Clubhouse construction filming -ongoing
Graffiti art stencils – completed
Clubhouse flag – completed
Scaffolding labyrinth – completed
Peers Projects 2021/22 booklet – completed

Sharing Projects offered:
28 altogether, 17 Peer led, 9 Mentor led, 4 co-op led

Computer coding – Peer led
Watercolour painting – Peer led
Anime drawing – Peer led
Survival Day – Peer led
Assault course – Peer led
Yeld adventure – Peer led
Leaf crowns – Peer led
Rope swing – Mentor led
String art – Mentor led
Scarecrows – Mentor led
Cannister rockets – Mentor led
Geocaching – Mentor led
Water fight – Co-operatively led
Smoothie bike – Mentor led
Predator in the woods – Peer led
Haybale fort building – Co-operatively led
Making pom-poms – Peer led
Drawing mandalas – Peer led
Raft building – Peer led
Support for Ukraine crafting – Co-operatively led
Skrimshaw – Peer led
Sand art – Peer led
Paper puppets – Peer led
Fire building (and much marshmallow toasting) – Mentor led
Market preparation, selling and fundraising for charity – Co-operatively led
Nerf target practice – Peer led
Camping – Mentor led
Splash park play – Mentor led

Guests and field trips:
4 guests, 3 field trips, 3 amazing Peers Parents

Electromagnets with David Palmer-Stevens
Glass fusing ( with kits from the Glass Duck)
Christmas cooking with Teresa
Climbing at Far Peak
FarmEd with thanks to James for organising
Electricity with Benazir
Close-up magic with Magic Paul with thanks to Lexi for organising
Sailing with Oxford Sailing Trust

Peers Projects Learning Community 2021/22 – Stats Edition

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