Summer Term Starts

Weeks 1 & 2 / Term 3 / Year 4

We have ruminated, dissected and pronounced judgement on Term 2 and now have begun afresh with our Summer term, with new and old ideas and fresh energy. We are currently a small group which has its challenges and benefits and it is always interesting to watch our peers navigate both. What is clear is that they have become a very tight knit team which is very gratifying to see.

Our first week always involves some reflection and analysis of what has gone before so that we can continually work on our offering, and so the peers themselves can reflect on their own experience and how to self-improve it. Sometimes it involves the efforts of others and it’s a good time for honest and kind discussions.

Then it’s time to move forward.

We have made get strides towards completing our first green roof. It’s been a learning curve for us all as we have never made a green roof before.

This term is seeing the creation of a new project, more news about that later…

If you haven’t yet done so, please click on the link to enjoy our peer run newspaper which makes up some of the project time:

We had an excellent peer-led art session, an abstract water colour art lesson, which was enjoyed by everyone. Well done!

At the end of the day all the peers are given jobs cards of chores to complete. Some are quick, so happen first and some are longer and some happen last. After a lovely day together, without being asked, this is how they decided to it finish.

Home education is never the easy option. There are some moments that make you feel really happy you decided to take it on. Watching our peers collectively decide they’d all help with the “worst” chore was one of those happy moments.

Summer Term Starts

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